Reiki & the Military?

I want to bring Reiki to military families and communities. I spent 6 years in the Army as an intelligence analyst and served in Desert Storm. I went through over 25 scud rocket attacks and was awakened from sleep by explosions the night that the attack into Iraq started.  The VA has me as a borderline PTSD veteran. I understand what this condition brings to the family.

I have also learned how Reiki can help not just with PTSD, but overall family well-being. I understand the support that spouses of deployed soldiers come together to help each other, to bond, to mourn, and to heal.

By bringing Reiki into these focused communities, your support of spouses and families benefits further from the healing aspects and reduction of stress that Reiki has become known worldwide for.

Upon completion of Level II of my classes, you will be certified to be able to practice Reiki on others in your community. This is a great business that you can usually run out of your home, or a small co-op office. The parameters that you can use Reiki in your community and military support systems are practically endless.

Locations & Discounts

While I do currently teach classes out of my home base of Omaha, Nebraska, I am also putting plans into place to teach Holy Fire 2 Reiki Levels I & II as well as 6 month cycles of Advanced & Master Level near as many Army bases as possible. You are also welcome to travel to classes I am holding in other cities if I am not scheduled to be in your area within the timeframes that you want.

My first set of bases I am working on are:

  • Fort Riley, KS
  • Fort Sill, OK
  • Fort Hood, TX
  • Fort Leonardwood, MO

Keep an eye out in my classes page for class dates and information. Military and Veteran families will still sign up for classes through the same process as others, but upon verifying your military  or VA ID on the first class day, I will credit your payment balance for $50 for Level I/II class and $100 for Advanced & Master class. 

If you have paid your balance in full prior to class starting, I will refund you with the corresponding discount with cash the weekend of class. You also have the option of applying your discount from Level I/II class to the cost of your Advanced/Master class fees.

The biggest challenge teaching abroad is venue. If there are no class dates listed for your area, and you would like to host a class at your house, or are able to coordinate a training room that can accommodate up to 10 students, with 1 massage table for every 2 students, please notify me, and we will work together on getting this accomplished. I will pay $100 for use of your location. If you are able to get at least 4 students registered for your event, I will offer you to attend the class for a significant discount in lieu of the $100 location fee. 

Your friends/peers must tell me that they are referred by you prior to the class date, or a list of those you are responsible for must be provided ahead of time so that I may watch for their signups. 

I need a minimum of 3 students to consider an out of state custom class.